Data Privacy Policy

Data Privacy Policy

Don't worry your data is safe with us.

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Data Privacy Policy

Without you, there would be no UK Tourism Online, which is why we value every single one of our customers and strive to ensure that we offer the highest levels of service at all times. This includes your data privacy.

How your data is collected and used.

In order for our website listings to be populated, your data is shared and agreed upon with UK Tourism Online during the booking of your advertisement. This data is then stored securely and used to create your online advertisement on our website. This will include, for example, your establishment name, address, telephone number and your prices. This data is collected over phone or via email, following communication with a representative from your establishment.

During your membership period, we may contact you to check the level of service that is provided, require payment for services purchased or to renew your membership. During the purchasing of your membership, you can request how and when to be contacted during the period.

To measure the success of UK Tourism Online, we have integrated Google Analytics which tracks and reports website traffic. Your data may be collected by Google for analytical purposes. Our end users may switch on private browsing which disables this function.

UK Tourism Online prides itself on being a clean and clear website, which is why you will never find profit-driven / personalised web banners or web ads.


UK Tourism Online respects that you decided to share your data with us. We will NEVER sell or pass your data to organisations or to third-party marketing companies for any reason, including profitable gain. Your data is given to us and it stays with us.

If you have any further questions regarding our Data Privacy Policy, we encourage you to get in touch. As with all of our services, we are happy to answer any questions you may have at any time.